GimCat Shinycat Kitten Chicken 70g

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GimCat ShinyCat is wet food for kittens from 8 weeks with particularly small pieces of meat protein in delicious jelly - a gourmet menu for every kitten thanks to the large share of tasty meat Wet kitten food by GimCat only contains natural ingredients with a balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio to support the immune system, a healthy skin and a shiny fur The cat jelly is free of lactose, preservatives, flavour enhancers, added sugar and dyes - suitable for all ages and breeds Product composition: meat and animal by-products (chicken 47,6 %), crop, oils and fats, minerals, derivatives of vegetable origin / Store in a cool and dry place / Keep from direct sunlight Items delivered: 24 x 70 g of moist baby cat food in jelly with chicken / Cat food in jelly with a high portion of protein

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