Pet Disinfection Bundle Standard Offer - 2x ANOVET Natural Disinfection 1L Ready to Use Spray for Pets + 3x ANOSAN Disinfectant Wipes for Pets

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2x ANOVET Natural Disinfection 1 Litre Ready to Use Spray for Pets:

Kills 99.995% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores Non-toxic disinfectant & deodorizer Free of alcohol, aldehydes, dyes & scents, non-staining pH neutral, Hypoallergenic & non-irritant Time efficient with immediate disinfection ANOVET offers the safest, hypoallergenic, non-residual microbiocide & fungicide for animal & birdcare, being safe to also use directly on all animals and their feed or water with no special precautions, residues, or rinse needed. Cost effective as a 5 L concentrated solution as it dilutes into 35 L of usable product! ANOVET deodorizes while disinfecting, making it ideal for cages, pet bedding, and kennels while also eliminating spores. Additionally a powerful virucide without promotion of resistance, and contains no toxins such as triclosan. Use as an all-in-one care for all pets in their homes, feed, and outer skin on wounds with no pain, and infected areas safely with no stains or dyes. As all of Ecabiotec?s solutions in sanitation and hygiene, ANOVET APPLICATION Spray on all surfaces, including toys, brushes, or medical equipment with no rinse needed. Can be used for ear canal dripping wet soak to soften earwax and crusts, which can then be removed via gauze or cotton ball. Spray on wounds or outer infections including fungal infections. If sprayed in the ear canal, massage outwardly for about 1 minute to mobilize the flow out the ear. Do not use on eardrum injuries. Effective against biofilm such as mucus and can be used as a hand sanitizer in handling animals or birds. Can be sprayed in food or water to

3x ANOSAN Disinfectant Wipes for Pets:

ANOSAN DISINFECTING WIPES a new complement to our ANOVET line for veterniary use Gentle & safe for direct use on animals & birds Can be used to wi[e away dirt & odor Can be used on wounds, irritations, & anywhere ANOVET is used HIGH GRADE ANTI-BACTERIAL, ANTI-VIRAL, & ANTI-FUNGAL FREE OF ALCOHOLS, ALDHEYDES, & TRICLOSAN SAFE & HYPOALLERGENIC WITH NO TOXIC INGREDIENTS NON-CORROSIVE AND OPTIMAL FOR ALL SURFACES.

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