Cateco Cat Litter Box Complete Starter Kit with Height Extension, 10 Dry-Pads and Scoop

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Our kitty litter starter kit includes your Cateco odor control cat litter box, plus a matching 6-inch (15cm) extension that adds extra height to the walls of your litter box. This ingenious addition means that litter scattering and other messes are a thing of the past! A matching scoop and a pack of ten Dry-Pads are also included.

The wavy, triangular blades of the scoop help you sift litter more efficiently, and its multi-radius edges allow for deep cleaning. Made with ultra-solid ABS plastic, this scoop is the perfect tool for easy sifting and effective clump removal.

Our Dry-Pads are designed to fit inside the lower section of your Cateco cat litter box and are ultra-absorbent. Any unabsorbed liquids from the top section of the litter box drip through the tear- and puncture-proof Aerator Mesh where they’re absorbed. The Dry-Pads should be changed every 3-4 days if soiled, unlike other cat litter tray liners that should be changed daily.

The beauty of Cateco cat litter boxes is in their design. You’ll only need to give your litter box a complete clean every 3-5 months if you’re using a high-quality, clumping cat litter.

The Cateco litter box has been tested with a wide variety of clumping and absorbing litters, both mineral and plant-based. It works with the vast majority of them and extends their lifecycle, meaning no irritating transition issues for you or your pet.

Everything You Need to Keep Odors and Litter Scattering at Bay

Urine and feces generate heat, causing moisture to build up, leaving your cat litter box at the mercy of bugs that can cause nasty odors. Conventional cat litter boxes don’t allow air to circulate properly, giving moisture and bugs the opportunity to take hold and grow quickly.

Unique Convective Technology

Our innovative cat litter box uses all-natural, passive air circulation technology to keep your cat’s litter tray dry. The circulation keeps humidity low, and the bacteria and fungi that love to hang out in cat litter and cause smells cannot flourish.

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